Our Leadership Team

Alex Turyagumanawe

Jesus Film Project Team Leader

Joining LIFE Ministry Uganda as a missionary staff was not an easy decision for Alex to make as a young man who had just completed university and was looking forward to “enjoying the fruit of his labor.” Having paid his own school fees from high school to university, he wanted to make money and live a good life after campus. Little did he know that God had another plan for him, bigger than he had ever imagined!

When Alex was still at Makerere University, he met a missionary from Canada called Bim (Bimisayo) who discipled him. During their last discipleship session, Bim challenged him to consider serving God with LMU. Alex wanted to build his career as an accountant and hence he dismissed the idea. However, Bim’s words kept ringing in his mind. He decided to go to a prayer mountain and seek God’s direction and indeed, God confirmed to him that he wanted him to serve him with LMU.

In August 2015, Alex went to Nairobi Kenya for New Staff Training (NST) and returned to Uganda in June 2016. He was assigned to Makerere University as a Campus Director. Alex is very passionate about reaching out to young people and he has discipled and mentored hundreds of students. Some of them have joined the organisation as missionary staff, volunteers and support staff.

Alex currently serves as the National Jesus Film and Partnership Coordinator  

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