Stories by Brian Kayanja


My name is Brian Emmanuel Kayanja, a fourth year student at Kyambogo University doing a Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive and Power Engineering. My first encounter with LIFE Ministry Uganda was in 2017 when I was in my first year at campus. I heard about a Christian dance group called "The Hallelujah Dancers" and although I wasn't so talented in dance, I decided to join the group because I wanted a place of belonging. Hallelujah dancers is a dancing team for LIFE Ministry at Kyambogo and it is a platform for students to use their talents in dance and drama in ministry. 

Although I was already a believer, I had not been discipled and hence joining LIFE Ministry enabled me to connect with other believers and be nurtured in my faith. In April 2018, I got an opportunity to attend a student’s conference at Kako Prayer Mountain and Retreat Center. I was equipped with skills of evangelism and discipleship and that was a game changer for me. I had never discovered that my life had a purpose to transform others until I joined LIFE Ministry. I learnt that my purpose in life is to know God and to make Him known. I resolved to start reaching out to students and disciple them and so far, I have discipled more than 20 students on campus and most of them are also discipling others. 

My first time of watching the Jesus Film in my own language (Luganda) was in 2018. LIFE Ministry Uganda staff had gone with Hallelujah dancers to Zirobwe for a mission and they showed the Jesus film in the community. Prior to this, I could not believe that someone can get saved after watching a film but when I witnessed people praying to receive Christ at the end of the film show, my perspective changed! I picked interest in the Jesus Film and got trained in how to use the Jesus Film equipment. A set of equipment is always availed for me to do ministry. I use Walking with Jesus video series and the Jesus film classic for discipleship and movie evenings on campus and in communities. Many lives have been transformed, including Christopher, a son of a witchdoctor. He received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior after watching the Jesus Film during a mission in Moyo in 2020. 

In addition to that, I also attended a Digital Ministry training in June 2021 and that empowered me to continue reaching out to my fellow students when campuses were closed due to the lockdown. Currently, I meet with other students for discipleship, virtually on Zoom. 

I am now the Students’ team leader for LIFE Ministry at Kyambogo University and I lead a movement of more than 70 students. I believe that since I was involved in a small group and helped to grow in my relationship with God, I desire to begin small groups for my fellow students and also help them to multiply. I passionately want to see spiritual movements of multiplying disciples established everywhere in Kyambogo University and even beyond.

Brian Emmanuel Kayanja, Student Leader, Kyambogo University - 2021

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