Stories by Peggy McCracken

Greetings to everyone who is celebrating the 50th year of LIFE Ministry Uganda! It was a privilege to be a small part of the work God began so many years ago. I fondly remember the beginning days and I will share a few memories from those early days.

My Uganda journey began with my friendship with Sam and Lynn Owen. We were team mates with Campus Crusade for Christ in the US and, in 1971, they recruited me to join them in going to Uganda to begin the ministry.

After a lot of planning and praying, in September, 1972, I flew with the Owens, their little three-month-old Shep (who is now 6 foot 3 inches tall) to Uganda.  I was excited to get there at last.  

In my first week in Uganda, I was greeted with two arrests -- and the second time, I was put in jail overnight.  This was not the welcome I had expected!  Was I wrong in thinking God had called me to Africa?  Had I made a big mistake?  What should I do?  These were some of my thoughts.

Nonetheless, God reaffirmed His call for me to Africa, and I soon went to work in the ministry as hard as I could.  These were challenging times to begin a work.  My partner and roommate was Dora Rubombora.  We began to visit Makerere Campus and to get to know the women there. It was there I fell in love with the beautiful people of Uganda.

I had come to Uganda to train Dora in the ministry, but in truth, she showed me much more about life in Uganda and following the Lord than I could show her.  In those early days, the manner in which she trusted God despite opposition and her courageous decision to join staff has always been an inspiration to me -- an example of commitment to the Lord no matter what adversity one is confronted with. It is often out of adversity that God’s work thrives.  I believe this was the case in Uganda 50 years ago; today the work is more alive than ever.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you celebrate God’s faithfulness for 50 years!  Congratulations on a job well done!  I am touched and thankful for all you have accomplished and are doing to reach people for Christ and build them in the faith!   Keep up this great work that He has brought to pass!

“Faithful is he who calls you and he also will bring it to pass.”  I Thessalonians 5:24

By Peggy McCracken

Campus Crusade for Christ Staff

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