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Jesus Christ to everyone everywhere through film in their local language.


Provide and promote effective Jesus focused films and strategies for evangelism and follow-up to reach everyone.

The Jesus Film Project is dedicated to reaching everyone, everywhere with Bible-based films in their heart language through the use of Jesus Film Project resources and tools. In 1979, Campus Crusade for Christ produced the Jesus film as a way to tell people about Christ through media. The Jesus Film has been translated into 31 languages in Uganda namely Luganda, Swahili, Lusoga, English, Ateso, Runyankole, Lango, Acholi, Lumasaba, Lugbara, Runyoro, Alur, Gwere, Dhopadhola, Kumam, Nyole, Samia, Aringa, Madi, Ngakarimajong, Kupsapiiny, Thur, Ruruuli-Runyara, Kakwa, Ma'Di Okollo, Pokoot, Lubwisi, Bari, Gungu, Kwamba, and Rufumbira. We believe that someone does not have to learn another language in order to learn how to spend eternity with God. Over the years, more culturally relevant resources for evangelism, discipleship and church planting have been produced including Walking with Jesus that has been translated into Acholi, Runyankole, and Luganda; Magdalena that has been translated into Luganda, Rivka, short films, and the Story of Jesus for Children. There are at least 200 films that can be used in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting for every generation or age group. You can download the Jesus Film App or visit our website to access them.

Local Partnerships

In the spirit of no ego, no logo, let the Gospel go, we also equip the body of Christ with these resources so that Uganda is saturated with the Gospel. We conduct trainings in order to equip Christians in how to use the resources. We also give Jesus Film equipment to those who are willing to show our evangelistic and discipleship films.

In the last financial year 2021/2022, we distributed 72 projectors and 60 tablets to various churches and Christian organizations. In partnership with 12 TV stations, we also broadcasted the Jesus film and other films during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Contact details of our staff are always shared as the films show and people who need any help get in touch with them. Between December 2021 and May 2022, we trained 128 church leaders and youth workers in Masindi, Iganga, Gulu, Kayunga, Kampala and Ntugamo.

Win- 427,605

Engaged Disciples- 147

Ministry of the Holy Spirit- 868

Trained for Evangelism and Discipleship- 372

Total Multiple Exposures- 127,274,186


Alex Turyagumanawe

Alex Turyagumanawe

JFP Team Leader

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