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Leader Strategies (LS) is a volunteer-led movement of leaders dedicated to having a lasting impact. LS is a broad umbrella strategy that encourages approaches to many spheres of influencers. We engage leaders to build spiritual movements as a process of discipling nations for Jesus. We reach out to professionals, influential leaders in society, and families. We encourage these leaders to become Christ-like servants that impact nations by modeling integrity and reverence for God in the workplace, family, and business arenas.

Vision: Marketplace leaders transforming every domain in every city in Uganda and beyond.

Mission: To launch spiritual movements of marketplace leaders by Winning, Building, and Sending multiplying leaders in every domain in every city in Uganda and beyond.

2021/2022 in Numbers

Win- 125

Engaged Disciples- 1,225

Trained for Evangelism and Discipleship- 529

Ministry of the Holy Spirit- 219

Total Exposures- 727,151

Leader Impact Groups- 20

Leader Impact Group Leaders- 58

LS Programs

Leader Impact

Leader Impact is a ministry approach to Professionals in their various spheres/domains. We seek to have a growing network of marketplace leaders who are giving their Leadership, Influence, Finances and Expertise (L.I.F.E) towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission in every city. Leader Impact employs a four-component process that the leaders follow in order to establish spiritual movements of multiplying leaders in every domain;

Vision: A vision is cast on why and how to reach leaders highlighting that every believer is a full-time minister. Leaders are challenged to use their profession as a platform for ministry.

Training: Christian marketplace leaders are equipped to do evangelism and discipleship. They are equipped to translate their experience, expertise, and personal faith journey into a story they can share naturally and effectively with others in their spheres of influence.

Forums: A forum event is an engagement of like-minded professionals that discuss and find solutions to today’s glaring issues in the marketplace.

Groups: Professionals with diverse spiritual and life experiences regularly meet together to explore the importance of faith in Jesus Christ in their lives. The groups run an 8-weeks transformation program. The group leaders come together weekly and share their progress, challenges, and possible solutions. They also take time to pray one for another and for their Group members. After the Groups, the cycle continues as multiplication also takes place since the Group members are now challenged to become Group Leaders.

Formation of Leader Impact Groups and their Impact

On 19th June 2021, Leader Impact held a virtual Forum for leaders themed, “Leadership that will transform Africa” and 218 people attended. Of these, 67 leaders signed up to join Leader Impact groups. After the forum, the groups were formed and the first cycle had seven of them i.e. Management, Education, Business and Finance, Medical, Engineering, Law and Church. The second cycle increased to 12 groups and the third cycle has 20 groups. We have 58 group leaders and over 200 professionals have gone through the Leader Impact program from June 2021 to date. Some of these groups are led and attended by professionals from other countries like United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Cameroon and USA. Although the group leaders are professionals with demanding jobs, their commitment to the cause is something to praise God for.

Executives and Embassy

This strategy focuses on the vital 1-2% of society. These include the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Government Ministers, Parliamentarians, Judges, Ambassadors, High profile business owners, CEOs, etc.  We reach out to them because they are door openers, they influence everyone below them and they have resources for the Great Commission.

Family Life

Family Life strategy seeks to help people learn biblical principles that will help them build the type of family they long for. We help marriages and family relationships to restore hope for couples and transform their lives. The goal is to effectively develop godly families who will impact and change Uganda one home at a time.

LIFE Ministry Uganda declared 2022 the year of the family, under the theme, Family at the Crossroads. A campaign to strengthen and restore families will go on for three years. During the COVID-19 lockdown, the family faced unprecedented challenges. The media was awash with stories of crimes of passion, defilement, incest, domestic violence, murder, separation and divorce. In line with our vision, “Movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus Christ”, we want to win a hurting country to Jesus. We agreed that the best way to reach out to the communities is to address their pain: talk about the family and offer Jesus as the answer to its restoration and healing.

The “Family at the Crossroads” campaign has already started in several churches and on some TV stations. In partnership with COU Family TV, we run the Family Talk Show every Friday at 6pm.

More so, with a strategy dubbed LIFE Sunday, we have visited various churches and led Sunday services with a focus on the family between February and May 2022.These include St. Francis Chapel Makerere, All Saints’ Chapel Lweza, St. James Chapel MUBS, and Church of the Resurrection Bugolobi. All Saints’ Cathedral Kampala gave us a whole week that we termed “LIFE Week” where we exhaustively talked about the family during morning devotions, lunch hour services and evening sessions.

During LIFE Sundays, 6192 people were exposed to the Gospel and 61 gave their lives to Jesus.

We are partnering with All Saints’ Cathedral Kampala to launch the Marrieds’ fellowship in order to continue reaching out to the married.

Over the years, our staff and associates have led Homebuilders groups that bring together married couples and equip them to be godly spouses who build godly families. We have over 60 groups in Mbarara, Kasese and Kampala.

Military Ministry

The Military Ministry is a strategy that seeks to serve the men and women in uniform under the umbrella of the Association of Military Christian Fellowships (AMCF) – Uganda Chapter (AMCFU). We seek to evangelize, disciple, and equip every armed force personnel to bring transformation in their stations of duty and beyond.

Life at the Crossroads

Life at the Crossroads is a life-skills and character development curriculum that focuses on transforming communities with Hope, Life, and Truth (Jeremiah 6:16). It is a spiritual program with an educational component. It is a tool for accelerating building spiritual movement and confronting the root cause of moral decadence through the teaching of character development. In May 2022, 30 staff of Seroma Christian High School were trained in Life at the Crossroads. As a result, senior one and senior two students go through Life at Crossroads training every day.

ls staff

Elon & Ruth Katweheyo

Elon & Ruth Katweheyo

LS Team Leaders

Dr. Ken & Mrs. Lynn Chapman

Dr. Ken & Mrs. Lynn Chapman



Francis & Allen Mutatiina

Francis & Allen Mutatiina



Sarah Wataba

Sarah Wataba

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Dr. Peter & Mrs. Elizabeth Asiimwe

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Stanely & Norah Kyobe

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