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Relieving Suffering, Restoring Dignity, and Revealing Hope among Ugandans

Unto is a resourcing strategy to catalyze our effort to express the compassionate heart of Jesus Christ to disadvantaged and often impoverished communities by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope. Unto also provides creative ways for the ministry strategies to build credibility and provide the leverage for access to a particular people group or area thus laying foundation for spiritual conversations. Through strategic utilization of resources provided, Campus Crusade for Christ’s first expression of its strategic intent of “Loving God, Loving People” is made more real in the life of a given community. Hence making the Gospel relevant and practical to the people through experiencing the love of God. The following are some areas of our intervention in various communities and among different people groups in the last financial year 2021/2022.

Medical Outreach

In October 2021, we held a medical outreach in Pabbo, Amuru district in partnership with Mengo Hospital. We had a team of eight dental and eye specialists and 10 missionaries from the US. Within the four days of this medical outreach, about 700 people had their eyes checked and those who needed reading glasses received them at no cost. In addition, over 350 people who needed specialist treatment were attended to. About 300 people were treated by the dental specialists. We had a team of trained people who shared the Gospel one-on-one with the people who came for medical help. The Jesus Film played throughout the day. Over 150 people gave their life to Christ. The church leaders in the area were given the list of the new believers so that they could do the necessary follow-up. One of the leaders who received a pair of reading glasses was interviewed on the local radio station. He thanked God that he was able to read his Bible again and renewed his faith in God. The testimony became a wildfire that drew many people from miles away to seek help and listen to the Gospel.

Community Outreach – Water is Life

We repaired seven boreholes and drilled two new boreholes in Nalwegorire, Bugweri and Lumule, Kitgum, where residents sometimes had to walk 6km to the nearest water source. The process of repairing or drilling new wells is always accompanied by evangelistic contacts and the Jesus Film shows in the community. In order to create ownership by the locals, the church identifies the well to be repaired and mobilizes the locals to be involved by establishing a Water Source Committee. These people are then trained and equipped with skills to repair boreholes and also conduct the Jesus Film show. Consequently, we have seen many people come to Christ through such efforts.

Strategic Partnerships

We also partnered with the body of Christ and other organizations to spread the love of Christ to various categories of people. We have distributed items to Wakiso People With Acquired Brain Injury Association (WPWABIA), an organization that takes care of over 300 people with different kinds of disabilities. These include Wheelchairs, motorised wheel chairs (PET Carts), Walkers, Children’s reading books, Reusable Sanitary packages, Blankets, T Shirts, and Sandals. Also, through Educate Me; an organization that helps Schools with vulnerable Children, we have provided water filters to a number of their schools to enable children have access to clean water for drinking.


Campus Crusade for Christ was founded by Dr. Bill and Vonette Bright on a foundation of prayer. Prayer is therefore the backbone of all activities of the ministry and the key tool to fulfilling the Great Commission. Our staff and disciples are always encouraged to pray without ceasing (I Thes. 5:17) so that the movements they establish are prayer oriented.

We always have prayer meetings every Monday from 10am to 12pm. Every first Monday of the month is a National Day of Prayer and fasting. We spend the whole day in prayer and break the fast together later in the evening. 1st to 7th July of every year is also a dedicated time of prayer. We meet together to pray, listen to God, and commit the financial year and the National Strategic Plan to God.


Dr. Dickson and Mrs. Joy Onen Obwoya

Dr. Dickson and Mrs. Joy Onen Obwoya

Unto Coordinators

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